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What is Gold Bullion?

It is a metal which is bought and sold close to it’s metal value. They can come as bars or coins and in different finesses of usually more than 900/1000.


What is the Cheapest Gold?

Our lowest premium coins are generally “Our Choice” or “Best Value” products. Generally, the heavier the item or larger the quantity means you can take advantage on lower premiums over the spot price of gold. Our cheapest item would probably be a 1gram gold bar. Most customers find that the best buys are one ounce coins. Read our blog for more information.


Are Bullion Products VAT-free?

As of 1 January 2000, investment gold is NOT subject to VAT throughout the EU. Silver bullion products are subject to VAT at the current standard rate of 20% along with non-investment gold such as medallions and platinum and palladium bullion.


What is Grade C?

Grade C is an item which is too good for scrap but not good enough to sell as bullion. We would recommend using Grade C items in jewelleryAlthough they may have lower premiums over spot then their bullion counterparts, we will most likely offer a lower buy back price.


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