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The timeless reasons for owning gold – the reasons behind gold’s universal role as real money – haven’t changed. Gold is still the best way of storing value over the long run. Therefore, your mindset shouldn’t change with short-term price fluctuations in the “paper” market. If you don’t already own gold today, you should consider buying physical gold bullion.

Our Story

Rare Precious Minerals Services Since 1994

Gold Direct believes that if you buy gold online in bars or coins or silver bullion and coins, this will help to protect your private assets against the current economic climate. We offer gold and silver of the highest quality. Within 7 working days, LBMA certified gold bars, silver bars and coins will be delivered to your home or work address. No matter if you’re a small-scale collector or a major investor, we make it possible for everyone to buy gold online, to buy silver and also sell gold or silver metals within Europe. At Gold Direct you are able to buy directly from the refinery in a safe, simple and secure way. Our professional team organizes everything for you and we carefully handle the entire process. You do not have to concern yourself with transportation, insurance or safety.


I highly recommend to anyone buying in the precious metals arena to always go with DigDeepGold. To do anything else will only be selling yourself short – and putting more of your money into someone else’s pockets versus your own.

John Smith

I’ve ordered silver coins, generic rounds and bars many times thru DigDeepGold and have been very satisfied every time. The latest order was shipped right away and I got my order in a couple of days. Packaging is always great.

Jenny Cane


Bertoua, Cameroon


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